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Présentation de la formation :

 I) The Competency :

The graduate student in the educational stream for English secondary high school level will be able to pursue a professional qualifying training in the teaching field either in the public or private sector; or to enrol in higher studies/ education. They will be able to achieve this by mobilising the set of knowledge, skills and competencies, they have acquired and developed -in the fields of language, communication, literature, teaching methodology and technology- throughout the different modules they have studied at the university.

  II) objectifs :

The educational stream will enable students to:

1- consolidate and develop their knowledge and skills about the English language and the Anglo-Saxon culture;

2- identify the different aspects and principles of linguistics and translation;

3- acquire the basic knowledge in the educational and methodological fields;

4- use the educational ICT tools appropriately.

5- develop their communicative and animating skills.

6- recognise the principles and the ethics of the teaching profession.

7- identify the various factors that intervene in the teaching/learning environment.

8- interpret/explain a variety of educational activities, strategies and situations

9- apply their knowledge in the field of teaching methodology in different learning contexts

10- develop self-training skills.


Compétences à acquérir :

Communication :

– Développer la communication orale et écrite en langue anglaise et dans d’autres langues, arabe et français.

Analyse :

– Initier à l’analyse de textes au sens large du terme : explication, interprétation, commentaire…

– Initier à l’analyse de données linguistiques.

Synthèse :

– Ecrire des résumés, essais etc. en faisant la synthèse d’éléments.

– Entreprendre des recherches et élaborer un rapport de synthèse.

Organisation :

– Développer l’esprit du travail individuel et l’esprit travail en groupe,

– Encourager l’auto-apprentissage (learner autonomy)

Enseignement :

– Initier aux méthodes, approches et didactique de l’anglais